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Outdoor Emergency Care


Overview - This course is the industry standard amongst North American ski patrols and is also widely used by rafting, climbing and guiding schools. It contains baseline knowledge and skills derived from the US Department of Transportation’s national emergency medical technician (EMT) curriculum, but tailored for the non-urban environment. The course features an excellent, 600+ page manual, student workbook, support materials and emphasis on practical work. Course is taught to standard vs time, but normally takes approximately 64-80 hours. Students must pass a 100 question written exam plus a practical exam to receive certification. One of the most attractive features of the OEC program is the ease of maintaining currency and obtaining recertification through a national network of low-cost, annual refresher courses.


Requirements - Students must assemble a personal first aid kit during the conduct of the course.


Course Cost - Cost varies based upon professional affiliation or NSP membership. Cost includes books and use of splints and supplies.


Location - Limited to the Sandpoint, ID area due to length of the course.




Outdoor Emergency Care Professional Challenge


Overview - Professionals holding certifications equal to, or higher than, OEC may ask for a one-time challenge of the test. Those passing the test receive certification; those failing must take a full course to receive certification.


Requirements - Applicants must possess a current first aid certification recognized by the National Ski Patrol as a suitable equivalent to OEC. CPR certification may be obtained separately, or added to the course.


Course Cost - Varies based upon professional affiliation or NSP membership.


Location - This test can be conducted at your location, however we’ll need some help with the larger first aid items (O2, spine boards, etc).




Outdoor First Care


Overview - This course is designed to prepare ski area personnel to handle life threatening situations before a certified first aid technician arrives at the scene, but the program also incorporates a year-round theme. The course can easily be adapted to the needs of any group of individuals or an organization that requires training in the fundamentals of emergency care -- a resort’s summer program personnel, camp counselors, mountain bike patrollers, and many more. Designed to be taught in 6-8 hours without CPR certification.


Requirements - The trainee needs no previous emergency care background.


Course Cost - Varies based upon affiliation.


Location - This course can be conducted at your location.