NSP Courses - Lactic Acid Tour

Overview - This course is developed for members of the National Ski Patrol and fulfills all requirements of the NSP Level II Avalanche Course. It is taught under the auspices of the Southern Division of the NSP. The course includes the full curriculum specified by NSP, but is conducted at 6-7 different ski slopes in the Northwest and Canada during a 10-day period. Some key components are:


Requirements - Students must be members of the National Ski Patrol, have a current NSP Basic Avalanche certification and be strong skiers. Students must also be in good shape since this course turns into a marathon by day five. Students must commit to the course by November 1st and have airline reservations confirmed by 1 January. Limited to nine students and three instructors. The two assistant instructors are recruited from NSP and pay their own way.


Course Cost - Cost varies yearly, but generally is about $400 plus airfare. Fee includes NSP registration, all course materials, hotels, rental car and lift tickets.


Location - Course normally visits some combination of mountains drawn from Schweitzer Mountain, ID, Big Mountain, MT, Fernie, BC, Sunshine Village, Alberta, Lake Louise, BC, Panorama, BC, Whitewater, BC and Red Mountain, BC.